On Saturday July 15, 2023 your Menands Fire Department was dispatched to a structure fire at 95 Sand Creek Road at 10:13am. The crew of 2nd Assistant Chief Jonathan Dudley, Captain TJ Robertson and, Lieutenant Tony Lipari responded with Truck 6. Truck 6’s crew completed multiple operations throughout the duration of the fire, including roof operations, operating hand lines, and overhaul. During the overhaul portion of the call, a member from another town department collapsed while inside. Lieutenant Lipari announced that a firefighter was down. With the assistance of Chief Dudley, and other members of the fire service, they were able to carry the downed firefighter outside to EMS. The downed firefighter was having a cardiac episode, and was rushed to the hospital. The firefighter is in stable condition thanks to the quick actions taken by Tony and Jon. Menands returned to service at approximately 2pm.